It’s funny how sometimes there is an immediate click between someone you just met. It was during a crossfit WOD where we first met. And while I was trying to do some handstand pushups (no, can’t do them yet…) Annette was making some jokes about why were actually doing it. Well that’s the whole thing about Crossfit…

After a crossfit WOD while trying to regain my breath Annette and I started talking like you do in the box. In the end, I think we spent more time talking than the actual WOD we just performed. I found out she and her family were moving to South Africa for 14 months just like that to do some voluntary work. I really envy their courage to do that, specially with their two pre-school girls (follow their adventures on Instagram. Thaddeus had a good running physiotherapy practice and Annette is a teacher at the International School in Amsterdam. Besides she also blogs at Momspiration, a space where she and 2 other Moms are trying to help other Moms to “survive” the first years of motherhood with light sunny side up articles.

One Sunday I arrived there early. Jools and Pippa were already running around while Annette was in her bathrobe. Thaddeus left early like every Sunday to go running with a group of friends. The girls were wondering where my kids were? Annette told them a bit about me and that I had 4 kids. They thought it would be just a playdate. After the first little disappointment passed by they made coffee for me. The day could start now.

Fitness is a big part of this family’s life. They made me run, squat, run through the dunes, and do some pushups and burpees. But there were also quiet moments which also belongs to an active life. They are as important as any other moments.

Although I know them very briefly there was definitely a feeling of friendship. Meanwhile, they started their adventure in South Africa and I wish them lots of moments to remember.


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