Honestly, I was very nervous when Codruta and Catalin asked me to document their son’s birth, their first child. First of all, I have experienced 4 births myself but never on the other side of the fences. And second of all Codruta is a fellow photographer colleague and I know how we photographers are super critical about other people’s work…

It has been nerve wrecking 2 weeks prior to her due date. I couldn’t go too far from Zandaam where they live in case labour started. Likewise Niko also had to be around. Life slowed down a bit waiting for that one call. Due date arrived and nothing. We were in contact for the next few days until I had Catalin on the line. This was in the afternoon. At 3am next morning I drove to the Zaans Medisch Centrum where contractions were quite strong. I thought I missed most of it, but it turned out I would be there for 7 more hours.

What a deja vu. Codruta’s labour kinda went the same as when I gave birth to my first girl. It’s been intense. I was overwhelmed about the brute strength a woman shows during this painful process. In between contractions, Codruta’s eyes would glow again and a smile or two would appear even though she knew the next contraction would arrive shortly. She still had the composure to pick her little one’s first outfit.

And when the moment of James arriving to this world came I had to put aside my emotions and make sure to capture that exact moment. Something happens when a woman receives her baby onto her chest. One minute ago, she was in unbearable pain, the other happiness takes over and the last 8 hours are forgotten.

I stayed a bit longer with this new little family and left with so much energy. James just gifted Codruta and Catalin with parenthood.

On the same evening I took my oldest daughter to her first concert: Adele!

This was a day to remember!


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