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First Days of Esme – Newborn Photo Shoot Amsterdam

If you saw Katie and Sam with her newborn Esme you might think that they are seasoned parents. They were so relaxed about everything. 3 weeks after giving birth Katie was full of energy entertaining both sets of parents and her two siblings visiting from the UK. Even...

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Tina Festival – Shall we be concerned?

Mac came home one day and asked if she could go the Tina Festival because one of her friends were also going. I had no idea what it was and she explained that most of the Dutch Youtubers would be there. She wanted to meet a Bibi (not me) and Dylan Haegens and give...

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RIP Odie

It took me 1.5 weeks to sit down and write this piece because it still hurts and because there is still (and always will be) a huge huge hole in our hearts. 1.5 weeks ago we had to put down our dog Odie. We picked him up from the Hoge Veluwe 11 years ago. I still...

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The birth of Baby James – Birth Photography – Zaandam

Honestly, I was very nervous when Codruta and Catalin asked me to document their son's birth, their first child. First of all, I have experienced 4 births myself but never on the other side of the fences. And second of all Codruta is a fellow photographer colleague...

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Not the standard family portraits

Everybody wants a perfect family portrait but everybody dreads the moment of taking that picture. We want the perfect smiles so we can share the picture to the whole world. What should we wear? I am going to put on the white shirts on the kids just before we take the...

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Sunday Breakfast | Family Documentary Photo Session Amsterdam

What is your favourite meal? Well, for Karen and Michael Sunday breakfast is their holy time when they can enjoy each other's company. No stress, no worries. Kids still in PJs and helping with setting the table. Fruits first and then bread. And Nutella is the...

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What if Facebook doesn’t exist anymore?

You're walking the streets and your little one looks so cute in her stroller. You pick up your phone, press the camera app, and click. You quickly share the photo on Facebook and while you're at it on Instagram as well with the comment: "It's me and the little one...

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You can Photoshop that out, can’t you?

LinkedIn reminded me of my first anniversary as Rubianca Photography. A year ago, I officially launched this brand. A lot has changed, I have changed my life point of view. Constantly developing personally, I see developments in my photography as well. The way I...

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Paola, Liam & Neil | Family Documentary Photo Session Amsterdam

Paola contacted me a few months ago for a photo shoot. She told me that she doesn't have a lot of pictures of herself and her 2 boys together so she wanted to change that. In between a busy schedule we finally met in the beginning of November. The two boys have been...

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