Everybody wants a perfect family portrait but everybody dreads the moment of taking that picture. We want the perfect smiles so we can share the picture to the whole world.

  • What should we wear?
  • I am going to put on the white shirts on the kids just before we take the photo because I know they will spill something on it.
  • How does my hair look like?
  • How can I make my kids stay still and look at the camera with a somewhat decent smile? Do I have enough candy with me?
  • I hope hubby will pose a bit for the photo.
  • I hope we won’t kill each other…

The whole world sees these pictures and think everybody looks like this. But the truth is, everybody is different and everybody has its own dynamics.

And then you finally get the photo and it is beautiful. There are no flaws BUT



Think of that “perfect” portrait in 10 years. Will you feel something when you’ll find the photo again? You will probably think about the stress that you had before taking the shot, when you actually should be thinking back about that moment of being a family. A photo should not portrait the person but the moment which makes the person.


You’re most beautiful when you are being you

When you start seeing beyond the imperfections and concentrate on the moment you will see your beauty. The focus of the documentary sessions is to take pure pictures, not posed ones. While I do shoot the more classic family portrait during my sessions I actually concentrate to get the shots in between the camera awareness, when the family is still unaware of being photographed. It always grabs the moment and the true personality of each and everyone. Most of the times these are brief moments but which capture the essence of who you are as a family. This is what will make you smile in 10 years time.

Don’t settle for standard because you are not.


RubiancaI am Rubianca. I help mothers get back in the picture. I do this by documenting the quiet power of your family life – because even the smallest daily routines make your life and that of your children unique.

With my gift for observation and respectful, gentle nature, I document those seemingly everyday moments, capturing connections and emotions that make your family exceptional, with authentic story-telling photography.

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