Paola contacted me a few months ago for a photo shoot. She told me that she doesn’t have a lot of pictures of herself and her 2 boys together so she wanted to change that.

In between a busy schedule we finally met in the beginning of November. The two boys have been waiting for me already and preparing drawings as one of the planned activities for the shoot.

Like in many other families Liam and Neil were almost like night and day. Liam was much quieter and forgiving while Neil was the one looking for “trouble”. This is the dynamics that made it so fun to document this family. Try to guess who is who by looking at the photos…

Boys will be boys and we decided to go outdoors with the bakfiets. The fog combined with the beautiful colors of autumn gave the images a special look.

We didn’t really have time to enjoy the magical scenery though. It was a full time workout for both Paola and me trying to keep the boys at our sight at the busy Westerpark. Liam would go right, Neil would go left and we were left somewhere in the middle. And then there was water… and a playground… Paola wondered who she should go after first. Who she would trust to be by himself if it really came to a difficult situation.



RubiancaI am Rubianca. I help mothers get back in the picture. I do this by documenting the quiet power of your family life – because even the smallest daily routines make your life and that of your children unique.

With my gift for observation and respectful, gentle nature, I document those seemingly everyday moments, capturing connections and emotions that make your family exceptional, with authentic story-telling photography.

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