What is your favourite meal? Well, for Karen and Michael Sunday breakfast is their holy time when they can enjoy each other’s company. No stress, no worries. Kids still in PJs and helping with setting the table. Fruits first and then bread. And Nutella is the highlight for Rosalie. You only live once, right? And then Grandma and Grandpa in Germany await with great excitement for the Sunday Facetime call. They told me that they do that every Sunday and that this short time is such a part of their family that they wanted this documented.

I was invited into their home in Amsterdam at 8:00am. The girls still needed to get dressed. Rosalie is the oldest and already had some saying in what she wanted to wear and was indecisive about which socks would match her outfit. Girls will be girls after all.

The weather was dry and we decided to go out and have a stroll in the park with the buggy and a push bike, which as you might know serves mainly for parents to exercise your arms…

I loved to be part of this family’s routine. Loved how they indulged themselves in the small things but put so much meaning into it which makes this short period of the week something they look forward to every week.

I had to wait to post this blog online because the photos would be used for a Christmas present for Karen’s parents – a year album.



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