The world is a small place everybody knows that, but what are the odds that Aline and Rodrigo come from São Paulo – my birth city. And that her sister lives in the same neighbourhood where I used to live and her Mum lives close to my old school – it’s just amazing because São Paulo is a 21 mil inhabitant city.

They moved to Amsterdam 4 years ago due to Rodrigo’s job and fell in love with the city. They bought an apartment and 9 months ago little Sofie was born. The freedom they have here being able to bike where ever they want is something they appreciate so much that they don’t think of going back to Brazil just yet.

No matter what and where they are going to be in the future, Amsterdam will always have a special place in the family’s history as it is the place they became parents. To honour this, they wanted to document a very normal end of their day with all the perks of being a young family.



RubiancaI am Rubianca. I help mothers get back in the picture. I do this by documenting the quiet power of your family life – because even the smallest daily routines make your life and that of your children unique.

With my gift for observation and respectful, gentle nature, I document those seemingly everyday moments, capturing connections and emotions that make your family exceptional, with authentic story-telling photography.

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