You’re walking the streets and your little one looks so cute in her stroller. You pick up your phone, press the camera app, and click. You quickly share the photo on Facebook and while you’re at it on Instagram as well with the comment: “It’s me and the little one enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors.” A few seconds later the first likes start coming in. And there it is the first comment: “Cute <3”

In the evening you cooked your best healthy meal ever. CLICK – Share on Facebook together with a big “YUMMIE!”.



And so your life unfolds in Facebook day after day. Facebook enables friends and family to be closer to you reading your updates in their ever growing timeline. It’s so easy and so fast. Too fast. Do you remember what you posted a year ago? Ah yes, Facebook thought about it and reminds you of your memories that you can re-share. But again, this memory is quickly forgotten and it’s just a piece of my whole story.

I don’t want to say I am addicted to Facebook but I do share quite a lot and spend quite some time scrolling my timeline. So in the course of the years (I joined Facebook in 2007) thousands of photos and status updates have been posted in the spare of the moment.



Where is your story?

Two problems I have with Facebook.

1. Part of my life will no longer exist anymore should Facebook disappear. All the moments are somewhere stored in my phone or camera and Facebook serves as a single platform to collect all the moments.

2. I can’t read Facebook as a story. What is posted is posted and quickly forgotten in between the many many daily updates.


a great solution

And I want to share it with you. It’s called My Social Book. It comprises anything you once shared in a printed 20x25cm book. Your book.

They made it easy for you to make the book. The only thing you need to do is to connect your Facebook account to My Social Book and it’ll retrieve all your posts and neatly arrange it by month for you during the period you indicated. You can uncheck things you don’t want to show, such as albums or comments. The maximum number of pages is 500. The program will tell you if you reached the max and will ask to adjust the period.

The cover is customisable to some degree. You can choose from different layouts and colors and can write your own text. There are also the possibility to pick a hardcover and even other papers.

In less than 5 minutes you have your book designed. And after less than a week your book is delivered to your home.

It is nice to pick up the book and go through the mat pages. I keep saying it but holding a print is very different from seeing a photo on a screen. And what I love about this book is that it really reads like a story. Your whole timeline appears in front of your eyes which really means it is a timeline.

Friends who come to visit us automatically dive deep into the books and I am sure they find themselves somewhere in them. They are also part of our lives after all.

Print your memories

I ordered 3 books and they are now laying on our coffee table for our family to smile over our moments. Time passes by so fast and there are times I don’t remember exactly when certain events happened. I open the books and a big “AHA” comes up.

The time I ordered the books I got some great discount (30% off 3 books). I don’t know if they are still giving it but if not, you can use one of these 3 voucher codes that will give you a €10 discount on your order.




When you connect your Facebook account the system will give you the price for your book based on the number of pages.

Go and do it and then have fun!



RubiancaI am Rubianca. I help mothers get back in the picture. I do this by documenting the quiet power of your family life – because even the smallest daily routines make your life and that of your children unique.

With my gift for observation and respectful, gentle nature, I document those seemingly everyday moments, capturing connections and emotions that make your family exceptional, with authentic story-telling photography.

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