Wow time really flies. Back in June Victoria submitted her best Father/Daughter photo to my photo competition to win 50% discount on a whole documentary session.

I thought the photo of Nikolai with his daughter Maya was hilarious and showed how Dads handle work-life balance.


A few weeks later we met in their apartment which they would soon leave for another place in Amsterdam. It turns out that Nikolai is from Wuppertal, my “home town” in Germany. He is a few years younger than me and lived in another area of the town so that I didn’t know him. And what are the odds his name is the same (and also spelled the same) as my Niko…

Maya greeted me at the stairs and was not shy at all. Kids normally tend to need some warmin up time but not her. She immediately were herself and I got really great pictures of this family.

There is something about Dads and their daughters. I see it daily… Their hearts just melt around daughters and this protective look sparks from their eyes. Look at the images here below. There are no words that can describe that.

We talked, laughed, painted, and in the end I even had lunch with them. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.


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