LinkedIn reminded me of my first anniversary as Rubianca Photography. A year ago, I officially launched this brand. A lot has changed, I have changed my life point of view. Constantly developing personally, I see developments in my photography as well. The way I shoot, the way I see at a photo, the way I want you to see your photos – everything has changed to fit into my philosophy. I mean, it was always there, but since my rebranding I followed my believes. I am being honest to my clients and to myself.

No Photoshop

One of the things I hear a lot is during a shoot is: “Oh, you can use Photoshop.” or “Photoshop does wonders, right?” Yes and yes. In the past I would do whatever my client wanted to be photoshopped out and would go even further assuming what she wanted. I was afraid that my clients would be ashamed of their “imperfections”, so I did apply Photoshop in some cases. Since I started documenting true life, I actually avoid Photoshop and solely use Lightroom to correct colors, exposure and crop the image where necessary. I do not Photoshop chocolate mouths nor bad hair… My philosophy is to keep the image as close to reality as possible. I feel I owe that to my clients to show who they really are.

Having said that, I do use Photoshop when shooting the occasional headshots. Although I follow the same documentary philosophy the headshot has a different purpose. I still think your true personality should shine through but you don’t need that one pimple that appeared in the morning of the shoot to show. In that case, the first impression is really what counts to attract businesses or employers.


Is there something like overusing Photoshop?

I have however, overused Photoshop in some cases thinking it was to the client’s advantage.

Take Angela. She is the owner and nutritionist at SlimCoaching. She went through a major transformation by loosing around 40 kg before starting her own business. For her website and flyers and to celebrate her achievement she needed professional headshots. We scheduled a headshot session at her home. Off I went home to start editing in Photoshop. I changed quite a lot on her body because I was thinking she would not like to see the remains of her past life. I basically slimmed her down from top to toe.


Who is this?

Slimcoaching-003She was really happy with the results but asked me: Is this really me?Slimcoaching-006

A few weeks ago she asked me to update her headshots. Her hair is different now and although she really loved the previous images, her clients would always be surprised when they met her, because they couldn’t recognise her from the photos they saw on her website/flyers.

I was so happy that she came back to me because she understood I wouldn’t make her “more beautiful” but would show her as she is. That’s all she wanted.


(Angela Steemers van SLIM Coaching. Ga naar voor het aanvragen van het gratis mini Eboek ‘Afvallen én op gewicht blijven in 10 simpele stappen.)


is it cheating?

Granted, I also want to look beautiful on photos. I have photoshopped myself in the past, but everytime I looked at my photo I felt I was cheating. Does it matter to the viewer? No, but it does to me.

SelfieChances are you take some selfies sometimes. Does your selfie mode has a “Beauty Face” option and most probable it is the default mode.

I had my new phone for a few weeks when I took a selfie of Niko and me right after signing our mortgage to our new house. Something was not right. I knew my skin didn’t look that smooth and radiant. I couldn’t quite point it out until I saw the selfie mode. I didn’t love me on the picture, what I loved was why we took the selfie.



POn the other hand I love this photo. A few hours after giving birth I was home with a brand new baby while the girls were sleeping. This is the first morning the girls woke up as big sister. I was tired still going through all the emotions of the night before. My face is puffy, my belly still looks pregnant. But this moment is unforgettable – the feeling of pure happiness.





So here i am, Documenting moments, not people

This is what I want to give to you – moments! I want to take timeless pictures for you to hold on to and relive the moments again when you see them. The minute you stop and pose everybody, you kind of lost the moment and the authenticity of it.

And what people sometimes forget, a moment doesn’t need to be the first birthday. Moments happen everywhere and there are plenty of them throughout your day.



RubiancaI am Rubianca. I help mothers get back in the picture. I do this by documenting the quiet power of your family life – because even the smallest daily routines make your life and that of your children unique.

With my gift for observation and respectful, gentle nature, I document those seemingly everyday moments, capturing connections and emotions that make your family exceptional, with authentic story-telling photography.

Do you miss yourself in all your family pictures? Click here to chat with me about a documentary session. Looking forward to hearing from you.